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January 4, 2009
"Let the fun begin" on South Street in Northampton

"Let the fun begin" on South Street in Northampton

ATTENTION: This blog is actually a light transmitter. Do not stare directly into it for a sustained amount of time. Unless you enjoy the sensation.

IMPORTANT: This light transmitter is also a virtual bridge from me to you.

This space is intended to document the “Heartifacts” of my human experience, and in particular, my Division III project, or senior thesis, at Hampshire College in Western Massachusetts. Simply put, I study Public and Community Based Art. Depending on the day, I might also like to call it Socially-Engaged Art, or Social Sculpture. Or even Community Organizing as an Artistic Practice.

I am interested in how spaces and environments that surround us shape our relationships to each other, our bodies and our imaginations. Using my body and imagination as sites for social change, I seek to actively create a world around me that values the connections we have to each other and the spaces we exist in. I produce and promote art that is socially engaged, based in public and community contexts, and values the process over product. I consider all my work as collaborative, as I am constantly in dialogue with the materials I work with, space, and other people. Using found materials in my work allows me to deconstruct their embodied histories and re-contextualize them. I use video, performance, installation, collage and play to explore, unearth, and share stories and to foster collective experience. Through collective experience and in collaboration, community grows, and the impossible is made possible. It is this experience of ability that I seek to nurture through my art.

Stay tuned for what I discover!