Projects Past

"every action is an interaction"

"every action is an interaction"

Here is a link to a sweet dialogical postal-art project I did last year at Amherst College, co-taught by Wendy Ewald and Brett Cook…

Communication/Collaboration: A Dialogical Postal Art Project

Wendy Ewald

Brett Cook


"Play With Me"

"Play With Me"

And here is a project completed this past fall, called ONLINE. ONLINE is an interactive bus experiment that  explores institutional memory and creative expression in untraditional settings, through creative opportunities posed on a PVTA bus. ONLINE aims to “get one’s wheels turning” through its seat-specific projects that aim to record and connect individual and collective experiences of the temporary communities created by public transportation. ONLINE explores “lines” as a thing to ride, a thing to divide, a thing to connect, a thing to share, and a space. T’was wicked fun.


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